Copyright & Usage Rights

Your help: 

In case you want me to delete one or more images, depicting you or your child, please send me a short message … i will delete it immediately!

I publish my work in the context of my artistic work as a photographer and they are an expression of my creative process and for me a tribute to nature and each individual. I choose the images with great care and attention and I only want to show the most beautiful and most precious ... but always respect if you would like me to delete an image.

Please note:

If you wish to use my images for advertising purposes for money gain, then you need to purchase a license before you use them! These images are how I earn my living.

I work as a professional photographer, my work is copyright protected so you must always ask for permission before using my images!

There are the following exceptions:

What's Allowed:

  • downloading and storing my images for personal and non-commercial purposes (most of my published pictures are large enough so that you can print them in a 11cm version)
  • sharing my pictures on Facebook using the "Share" button (so the link to my profile is always placed)
  • use one of my pictures as your profile picture in personal profiles or corporate pages on Facebook (the requirement is that a link is placed to my profile in the description of the profile image along with attribiution)
  • the use of my pictures for the cover in personal profiles or corporate pages on Facebook (prerequisite see above)

What is prohibited without written permission:

  • the commercial use of my photos
  • downloading and storing my images for commercial purposes ( for example, websites, flyers, postcards, posters, banners, business cards, Facebook events , etc. )
  • uploading my images to the internet after you have previously downloaded them from the Internet (whether private or commercial ... see "Share" button under "What's Allowed" )
  • covering up or cutting or croping the " " Logo
  • the use in Facebook-Events
  • the use in advertising for e.g. events, services, products, courses, retreats and workshops
  • sharing of purchased images to third parties for use without context to the buyer (for example, the distribution by the organizer of event performers, so that they can advertise with the pictures)
  • the resale of my pictures


Abandoning the attribution is possible on request.

Info: Every photographer is entitled to be named using his images by German copyright law.

If you share my pictures on Facebook with the Share button, no additional attribution is required, because the link is automatically provided by Facebook through the sharing function.

If you use my pictures in a different form, please place the following information in a discreet but readable form somewhere near the image: "Photo: Axel Hebenstreit -" ... ideally :) ... but "Photo: Axel Hebenstreit" or "Photo:" is also possible.
When using the images on the Internet, i'm happy if "" is a real clickable link, but that's not a must.

INSTAGRAM: If you share my photo on Instagram please place „ @lichtseelen – Axel Hebenstreit ” along with the image.

The attribution must also take place if watermark / logo  "" is already visible in the photo.

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